Regular People Share How They Were Able To Become Millionaires

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Have you ever seen someone living a lavish lifestyle and wanted to know what they did to get there? One Redditor asked just that to the millionaires on the platform which prompted some interesting responses to how they reached millionaire-status:

  1. "Always saved up a lot of money (40% of my pay) and continually put it into stocks. Investment returns have outdone my savings for quite a while."—u/ilikeirony
  2. "In my 20s, I was a computer programmer just as the web started exploding in popularity. I could wire up websites and databases back when internet technologies were new, and tooling was still primitive. I never hit it big with a viral website like Facebook or Amazon, but I did charge a lot for programming services. And I used that money to buy houses at first, and ultimately an apartment building in coastal California."—u/yanojal
  3. “I am on track to being a millionaire just from investing in my 401(k). I started my career at 20 years old right after graduating from college and started investing the minimum to my 401(k). Never really thought much of it until I used an investing calculator and realized that since I started so young the compound interest on any investment account with a decent return would be huge."—u/nerfezoriuq
  4. "My grandparents invested a small amount of money in each of their grandchildrens' names when we were little kids. The stocks they chose for me were Microsoft, Cisco, Starbucks, and most importantly Amazon. I became a millionaire from those stocks shortly after my 21st birthday, last year.”—u/concrete_isnt_cement
  5. "I enlisted in the army when I was 18. I liked it. I asked to become an officer, and they let me. The army sent me to college and I graduated. My officer pay was way higher, and in the army you don't have very many bills. I found I could save in between $1K and $5K every month of my life."—u/udayserection


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