How A "Dry January" Affects Your Body

Dry January Calendar Reminder

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We're already six days into the month. If you started a Dry January, good on ya! I didn't do it this year- but have in the past and truly felt better by the end of the month.

If you need an extra push to keep going 25 more days, I'm here to help!

Besides saving money, you'll also be improving your health and thanks to new research from the Priory Group here's what happens to your body during a "dry month:"

  • Week 1 -Your sleep starts to regulate and your quality of sleep gets even better
  • Week 2 -Not only do you start to feel all the benefits of better sleep and hydration, but your skin will improve, as well as looking less puffy and more healthy. (If you suffer from reflux or heartburn you'll also see a reduction in that too!)
  • Week 3 -You will have actually lowered your blood pressure, as well as saved an absolute load of calories. Plus the above benefits.
  • Week 4 -Your skin will be looking loads better, acne is known to clear up and any dryness will too. You'll also have saved a load of money, be looking all lean and most likely have an improved mood.

To read more about other health benefits during a "dry month" you can go HERE!


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