Finally 'Mom Bods' Are Taking Their Place In The Spotlight!

Move over dad bods, it’s the year of the mom bod. Even though I don't love those terms, I get the sentiment.

Tired of beating themselves up physically and emotionally to have the “perfect body,” especially after having children, women on Instagram, Twitter and elsewhere are embracing their bodies – stretchmarks, cellulite and all.

Bethanie Garcia, mother of five, is one of the growing number of women who is not just accepting her changed physique post-children but celebrating her body!

Bethanie has also been vocal about sharing the hateful comments she receives from people on social media. She says, "I share what I share with the hope that someone else who is out there struggling with their body image can see that it’s possible to love yourself and appreciate your body, no matter the shape or size."

(NY Post)

Getty Images

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