3 Reasons Why We're Obsessed With True Crime

I really like listening to True Crime podcasts. A few of my favorites: My Favorite Murder, True Crime Obsessed, Dateline, Crime Show, The Shrink Next Door and Sweet Bobby. A few recommendations for you, if you're looking.

True crime is a growing obsession in society. We love watching Netflix documentaries, listening to podcasts, and consuming the content that’s out there on YouTube. Has our attraction to true crime desensitized us or is it doing something else?

Why do we enjoy true crime so much?

  • It’s not us in that situation.We sit back and let the story be a form of entertainment. We can do this because it isn’t us who is the victim or even the murderer. Although we do “feel sympathy for the victim” and “experience disgust and confusion for the murderer,” we're still thankful that it’s not us.
  • We do experience relief because it’s not us.You can compare it to driving by a car crash on the highway. You slow down to see the aftermath of what just happened, you feel relieved because it wasn’t you, and then you keep driving. “Although it may not sit well with you, for some reason you just can’t look away. “
  • There’s a lot to take away. There can be something learned about human nature and its evil tendencies when consuming this type of content. It puts us in the mind of the victims, the murders, and also the legal system. It also gives audiences insight making them think about what they would do if they ever were caught up in one of these situations.

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