Have You Tried These Wordle Spinoffs Yet?

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Want more Wordle? Here are a few knock-offs you should try . . .

1. Letterdle. It's a daily game like Wordle, but you're just trying to guess ONE LETTER. (???) 

It could be "F" . . . or "W" . . . or any of the 26 letters in the alphabet. So yes, it's a joke. But just like Wordle, you can share scores on Facebook. 

2. Sweardle. It's Wordle, but with four-letter words . . . the REAL four-letter words.

3. Seven Wordles. It's Wordle, but seven puzzles in a row, and it's timed.

4. Hello Wordle. It's like Wordle, but you can play more than once a day, with words up to 11 letters long. 

5. Absurdle. This one's hard. It's like Wordle, but the computer doesn't want you to get it right. You literally CAN'T on your first guess, because instead of starting with a single word for you to guess, it's starting with EVERY word in its head.

It's constantly changing the word and trying to avoid saying yes, but always within the constraints of your guesses. So you CAN eventually narrow it down to one word, it just takes a while. You get unlimited guesses, and the best you can do is four.

6. Squirdle. Like Wordle, but you're trying to guess names of "Pokémon" characters. (???) There's also a new one called Byrdle that's just words related to choir music. (???) 

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