Pictures: How Country Artists Spent Their Weekends

Eli Young Band's Mike Eli shows off some smooth moves with his daughter, Kline, for their daddy-daughter dance. Looks like Luke Bryan isn't the only country star who knows how to groove.

It would appear that Jimmie Allen has been doing things his way since he was a little boy. While many country stars may have cowboyed up on a rocking horse, he opted for an elephant instead.

Some dads will paint their nails for their daughters and some will let their little girls apply make-up. Thomas Rhett went big when he let Willa Gray color his hair orange. Yes, orange.

No matter how talented Russell Dickerson, nothing sounds as sweet as the squeals and giggles coming from his baby boy, Remi.

Priscilla Block lifts the curtain to reveal exactly how unglamorous life can be for a touring musician.

It was "Take Your Son to Work" day for Jordan Davis who brought his happy little boy, Locklaninto the studio to see where the magic happens.

Most kids may be afraid of an animal that is as tall as a building from their perspective, but Randy Houser's son, Huck, shows no fear when he's in the pasture with Mommy's new horse, Confire.

If this music career doesn't work out for Walker Hayes, he's showing real promise as a tour bus janitor. 

Blake Shelton doesn't reveal exactly how much he spends on his tour wardrobe, but from this Instagram post, we can only guess that it isn't much.

Finally, just this morning, Luke Bryan posted some tour news...

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