The Most Common Everyday Mistakes We're All Making

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We all make mistakes every now and then, but if you're trying to get on your "adulting game" in 2022 then we have you covered with some of the most interesting mistakes we make on a daily basis!

Here are some of my favorites that are pretty easy to correct:

  • Brushing your teeth after eating: Twice daily is enough otherwise you can erode dentin, the layer below your teeth's enamel.
  • Taking too many showers: Spending too much time under warm tap water can wash off some of the good bacteria on your body and also lead to skin problems.
  • Holding a glass of wine with your palm: The heat from your hand can alter the flavor of your beverage.
  • Loading your dishwasher without a strategy: There’s a legit science to this!
  • Putting eggs and dairy products in your fridge door shelves: This area is warmer than the lower shelves, meaning that foods prone to spoiling quickly should be placed on the bottom shelf and toward the back.
  • Pouring laundry detergent on top of your clothes: Instead, fill up the drum with water and pour your detergent in so it will be evenly distributed on all your clothes.
  • Cleaning your jeans too frequently: Washing your jeans every day is the best way to ruin the shape and color of your favorite denim.

You can read more mistakes we make on a daily basis HERE and don't worry you aren't the only one making mistakes!

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