Survey Says: 10 Grossest Words In The English Language- Do You Agree?

If you had to choose one word that would instantly make you cringe, what word would you choose?

The online language platform Preply wanted to find out after they asked thousands of users what the grossest word was in the English language and it turns out that everyone hates the word "Pus" and we don't blame them!

Pus received over 9,799 votes and we can all agree that even if you mention that words that you instantly get a gross feeling in your stomach. Oddly enough, the other words in the top ten list, which you can see below, involved bodily fluid:

  1. Pus
  2. Phlegm
  3. Seepage
  4. Moist
  5. Splooge
  6. Fester
  7. Mucus
  8. Ooze
  9. Putrid
  10. Curd

Did your gross word make the list? I was trying to think of one this morning but nothing came to me. Even the words on this list, they're not my favorite but don't make me squeamish either.

(NY Post)

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