Five Easy Morning Habits That Are Good for You

Early morning.

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Here are five easy morning habits your doctor wishes you'd adopt . . .


1. Write down something you're grateful for. Starting your day by being thankful can put you in a better mood, and writing it down is even better. In one study, there was a noticeable effect when people did it every day for two weeks.


2. Drink a glass of water. It doesn't matter if you sip it or chug. Just start your day by hydrating. It's important because we tend to get dehydrated while we sleep.


3. Make your bed. It's easy to get lazy and skip it. But it only takes a minute or two, and studies show it can make you more focused and task-oriented all day.


4. Get some sun. Go outside, or just open your shades. More and more research supports the idea that getting some sunlight in the morning is good for us. Especially this time of year when Seasonal Affective Disorder is an issue.


5. Get some sort of exercise, even if it's just stretching. Engaging your body for as little as five minutes can make a difference.


(NY Post)

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