12 Things You Should Know About Your Partner After 6 Months

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When you hit the six-month mark of dating, the courting phase has ended and you move into a deeper, romantic connection phase. By the time you reach this milestone, couple’s counselor Jeff Guenther says there are some things you should know about each other.

“I feel like these are some important basics that you’ll want to build on as you continue your relationship,” he explains in a TikTok video with 1.5-million likes. “If you and your partner can answer nine out of 12 correctly, you’re doing great.”

Guenther’s list of what you should know about your S.O. after six months:

  1. What makes your partner laugh and cry?
  2. What are they passionate about?
  3. How did their family affect their growth?
  4. What makes them mad?
  5. Do they have spiritual beliefs and how do they affect their life choices?
  6. What are their defining moments?
  7. What is the most important to them?
  8. How would they define success?
  9. What kind of support do they need when they’re stressed or sad?
  10. What are they the most proud of about themselves?
  11. What can instantly light them up inside?
  12. How do they recharge their emotional batteries?

Not sure the answer to some of these? “Don’t freak out,” Guenther says. “Just ask each other.”


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