Blake Shelton on the Time Cher Tore into Him

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Blake Shelton and Cher met on "The Voice" in 2013 when she was the mentor for his team. She later called him "funny" and "easy". But they didn't start off on the right foot...

During rehearsals one of the contestants was too timid with the microphone, so Blake gave him a very bold suggestion. Here he is telling the story.

Quote, "I go, 'Man, what are you doing with the microphone? Grab that microphone. Make that microphone your [B-word].' About the time I said that, Cher goes, 'What the [eff] did you just say?' She goes, 'Do you have any idea what I stand for?'"

Blake had a rare moment of being speechless. Luckily, somebody cracked a joke, and everyone laughed. Blake and Cher warmed up to each other after that. He told her his dad had just passed away, and she was his favorite artist of all time. 

This is my favorite part of the story-

Six months later Blake got the surprise of his life when Cher released her new album. He adds, quote, "At the end of her album liner notes, she wrote, 'I want to dedicate this album to the memory of Dick Shelton.'" 



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