Doctor Explains Why You Shouldn't Use Rubbing Alcohol to Clean Cuts

It's always fun finding out you've been doing something WRONG your whole life. And you can probably blame your parents or grandparents for this one...

An E.R. doctor who writes for "USA Today's" health section just did a big write-up on one of the biggest first aid MYTHS he sees all the time.

He says you shouldn't actually use HYDROGEN PEROXIDE to clean cuts. And the same goes for rubbing alcohol.

It's something people used to do, and a lot still do it. Because yes, both of them do kill bacteria. The problem is, they also kill skin cells.

Hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol both cause "corrosive tissue damage," which can actually slow down the healing process and make SCARS more likely.

Instead, he says to rinse your cut with water. Then just put a little triple-antibiotic ointment on there. 


(USA Today)

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