Five Red Flags to Look Out for in a Travel Buddy

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You know those friends who you love but you could never be roommates with? The same thinking applies when it comes to travel buddies. While it might be fun to spend the day with someone, going on vacation with them? Now, that’s a different story. Something called “travel compatibility” has everyone talking on the Internet.

Twitter user @kassixoi asked, “what disqualifies someone from traveling with you?” and the Twitterverse did not hold back. Here’s a summary of their responses:

  • Budgeting differences – They only want to stay in and eat sandwiches the entire time.
  • Planning vs spontaneous – Either they have a strict itinerary or they’re just winging it.
  • Bedtime and bathroom habits – You’re trying to go out and live it up but they’re ready for bed by 9:00 pm!
  • Personalities and energies – Can’t handle their liquor? That’s a nightmare.
  • Group vs Independent – They’d rather room together while you need your personal space.


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