The Craziest Questions People Have Been Asked During An Interview

Sometimes off-the-wall random questions can still be telling during a job interview. For example, your employee could be wanting to know more about your personality and leadership skills by asking you what animal you embody the most. However, some questions employers are asked are just strange and unnecessary! Twitter users shared the most ridiculous questions/tests and requests they’ve faced in a job interview.

  • “I was locked in a room and told I had 45 mins to write a 2k-word essay (this was a social media job at a charity) This was after an hour-long interview where they asked questions like ‘what do you hate most about your current job’ + ‘do you drink’” –@maredparry
  • “I was asked how I would fit a giraffe into a fridge.” –@benellis90
  • “One bar made me create a dress out of black bin bags with other candidates as proof I could "work as part of a team" –@tillyjeanette
  • “Are you married or with children? We need to know if you have distractions or will devote yourself fully?” –@andsoshethinks

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