New Retirement Trends

We've heard how some older folks took an early retirement to AVOID risking their lives during the pandemic. Now, those people are flocking to cruise ships. And not for a LIVE at sea.

There's a trend of people making cruise ships their retirement home . . . by stringing together back-to-back voyages. And LONG ones, like the elaborate "world cruises" or "grand cruises," which can last well over 100 days.

It makes sense: Cruises can offer older Americans an easy, all-inclusive living environment, with organized events, a community of like-minded travelers, and a decent level of medical care.

If you hop from cruise to cruise, you can rack up discounts that can get the prices below $100 a day. And most cruises have reliable internet these days too, so you could even pull this off in "semi-retirement."

That said, there's another trend: Some of those early retirees are now UNRETIRING.

There are several factors, including rising inflation . . . decreasing COVID-19 concerns . . . and a thriving job market that offers them their pick of jobs, not to mention better pay and other perks. 



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