How To Save Money With "Cash Stuffing"

pack of paper American one hundred dollar bills tied with an elastic band and lies in a white envelope

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Struggling to stick to your budget or save for the future? A viral TikTok hack claims to make it easier to get your budget under control and save at the same time. And all you need is some cash and a set of envelopes.

It’s called “cash stuffing” and it’s a simple, tech-free way to plan out your finances. So how does it work?

  • Start by dividing your envelopes into categories and labeling them. Categories can include date night, bills, utilities, rent and whatever else you’ll need to pay for.
  • Then you put the cash you’ll need into the envelope it goes with.
  • And then comes the tough part … that’s all you spend. So no more swiping your card anytime you want to buy something.

Fans of the cash stuffing trend, like Stephanie Garcia, say it really works for them. She admits she used to swipe her card “way too much,” but since she started cash stuffing, she’s been able to keep her debt low and managed to save $10-thousand for the future.

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