Gabby Barrett's Husband Gave Her a "Breast Milk Ring" for Mother's Day

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Gabby Barrett says her husband Cade Foehner gave her the PERFECT Mother's Day gift this year. And if you're thinking, "Hey, tell me about it so I can get the same thing for my partner next year." Well, hang on.

She talked about it in a recent interview. He got her a ring, but not the kind from the corner jewelry store.  

Quote, "This ring that I have on . . . [this] white part is breast milk, which you can save and preserve as a gift for mothers. The top is [my daughter's] birthstone. My husband got it made for me because he knew I really wanted to do that."

Their daughter Baylah May was born last year, so they were able to use the breast milk from when she was a baby. They might do it again because Gabby is expecting their second child, a boy, later this year.


After reading this article, I had many questions. Did some research and it' made from breast milk. Didn't know that was possible. It's not cheesy either- I'd wear a lot of these pieces. Here's the link to check it out for yourself.

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