4 Things People Notice When They First Walk Into Your House

Home and interior design experts share the first things people notice when they come into your home and it might not be what you'd expect!!

#1-- THE SMELL - Joshua Blackburn, director of design and construction at Evolving Home, says, “While you may be used to the way your house smells, it might put off your visitors.” He suggests opening the windows to let fresh air in or boiling water with citrus peels for a nice aroma. Interior designer Andra DelMonico warns against using heavy perfumes and overly flowery smells, which she says can make it seem like you’re covering something up.

#2-- THE CLUTTER - Andra says, “If you have piles of stuff everywhere, your home will feel cluttered and dirty, which can feel uncomfortable for the people visiting.” Work on clearing off all flat surfaces by stashing and storing everything piled up there.

#3-- Personal Touches - Interior designer Christy Biberich suggests adding little details like framed pictures and accessories like throw pillows and curated bookshelves to draw your visitor’s eye to them.

#4-- DIRT AND GRIME - Interior designer Paige Anderson recommends starting with the basics, like straightening the furniture, tidying the kitchen, dusting and vacuuming to make your home look and feel refreshed. And don’t forget to hit up your guest bathroom, too.

Source: Best Life

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