How Lainey Wilson Landed a Role on "Yellowstone"

It was a few days ago when LAINEY WILSON announced she was going to be on Season Five of "Yellowstone". The cool thing is that she didn't even have to audition. 

The whole thing started in 2018 before she even had a record deal. Her manager sent some of her music to the show. They ended up using her song "Working Overtime" in Season Two.  (They've since used two more songs.)

Taylor Sheridan is the show's creator, and he liked her stuff so much he invited her to perform for the cast and crew, and they eventually exchanged numbers. Then he called her back in February and asked her this . . .

Quote, "He said, 'I want to create a role specifically for you, and I'm like, 'you're sure you want to do that? Let's do it.'" They're still writing her season so she's not sure about the details, but she has a hunch she'll be saddling up. 

Quote, "He knows I can ride a horse. I've been on a horse since before I could walk." 


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