Nine Reasons To Spend More Time With Yourself

People tend to not spend as much time alone as they used to. Personally, I LOVE spending time by myself and do it as often as I can. But some people are straight-up scared of being alone and doing things by themselves. But there are quite a few benefits to spending time with yourself, so if you haven’t already tried it, you may want to.

  • It allows you to keep your mind clear. Meditate in the traditional sense or do something meditative to you such as reading a book, going for a walk outside, etc.
  • Alone time helps give you perspective. By distancing yourself from other people’s thoughts, you can figure out your own way of seeing the world.
  • It helps you become less dependent on others. Lots of people are dependent on others for their happiness, rather than on themselves.
  • When taking time for yourself, you’re practicing self-care. Schedule time each day to do something you enjoy doing, alone.
  • Alone time encourages you to slow down. It removes you from distractions and you can truly enjoy everything around you.
  • You learn how to make yourself happy. Spending time alone allows you to connect with yourself.
  • Making time for yourself helps you recharge. Life is exhausting, even if we don’t realize how tiring it is in the moment.
  • You’ll learn more about yourself. Focus on your thoughts rather than your actions.
  • You may actually feel less lonely. It sounds ironic, but in the long run, learning how to spend time by yourself can help you feel less lonely.

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