Veterinarian Goes Viral For Her List 5 Dog Breeds She'd' Never Own

Veterinarian Whitney Terrell has gone viral for her take on a Tiktok trend where she lists 5 dogs she would not own as a veterinarian.

These are her opinions only and she made a follow up video (below) clarifying she has nothing against the breeds she listed, but for her, she wouldn't own them.

Let's start with the dogs she would NEVER own:

Again, Whit made a follow up video clarifying that this was her opinion only and she has nothing against those specific breeds. She loves them all, but personally wouldn't own them for varying reasons (needs too much training she can't do, sheds a lot, etc.)

Her list obviously got a lot of people heated. After her list of dogs she wouldn't own, people were curious what kids of dogs she WOULD own.

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