DNA Test Is In For My Rescue Dog, Barney. Can You Guess The Breeds?

At the end of April, we adopted our new guy, Barney. He is the BEST and I'm obsessed with him.

Jeff and I bought a DNA test because we were curious to see which mix of breeds makes up such a sweet guy. Results are in and I was WAY wrong.

Go ahead and pick three breeds you think Barney could be. Here are a few pictures to help you out. After you've got them, scroll all the way down and I'll post the results...

Picked your breeds?

Here's what I had guessed...

*Wirehair Pointer

*Pit Bull

*German Shepherd

Here's what the DNA test said:

I was way off! How did you do?

Thanks for playing and Barney, I'm glad we found you :)

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