Extra Fees We Shouldn't Have To Pay And How To Avoid Them

Life is already expensive. Why are you paying fees on top of this? Of course you can’t avoid all fees because that’s life. But there are some fees that you can avoid and shouldn’t ever have to pay...

  • ATM fees. You are literally getting charged to access your own money. Put your money in a bank that refunds ATM fees or just use the ATM machine at your own bank.
  • Credit reports. The three big major reporting companies – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion – will give you one free report each year. Some banks and credit card companies off it too.
  • Late fees. Set up automatic payment if you can’t keep track, but pay your stuff on time.
  • Gym initiation fees. When you’re scoping out gyms, ask the gym about it, and then ask if they’ll waive it. Many do.
  • Utility card process fees. Lots of utilities charge you a fee to pay with credit card. Set up a direct withdraw from your bank or pay via e-check to avoid it.
  • Overdraft fees. Especially if you’ve only overdrawn by a little, see if the bank will refund it. Try to always have a savings account linked so they can see you do have the money to cover the expense.

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