Get Ready For Fair Season! A Song About Corn Has Gone Viral

This may be the cutest song to ever exist.

The song was created as a remixed version of an interview of a young boy on a channel called @recesstherapy.

TikTok user @schmoyoho made the interview into a song by adding his own music into the words of the boy, turning it into a song that you will sing, in your head, for days.

The Corn Song was uploaded four days ago and now has over 20 million views and the original post is flooded with plenty of reactions.

Meanwhile, the creator has also joined the rest of them by praising corn and jokingly claiming that it’s better than anything on the internet.

Want to sing along, here are the lyrics:
It’s corn, with a big lump with knobs.
It has the juice. I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing.
It’s corn, I can tell you all about it.
I mean, look at this thing.
When I tried it with butter everything changed.”

You can hear the song down below!


Getty Images

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