Pilot Threatens to Turn Plane Around if People Don't Stop AirDropping Nudes

You know your pilot's done screwing around when he pulls out his "If you don't stop it, I'm going to turn this plane around" voice.

A Southwest pilot got on the intercom . . . and threatened to TURN THE PLANE AROUND if passengers didn't stop acting like idiots. It happened last week on a flight from Houston to Cabo San Lucas.

He was specifically addressing the person . . . or people . . . who wouldn't stop sending other passengers NAKED PHOTOS over AirDrop.

They were still on the tarmac, so he threatened to turn around . . . go back to the gate . . . make everyone de-plane . . . and ruin their whole vacation.

In the end, the dad vibes worked, and everyone made it to Cabo. Some woman on board posted a video of it to TikTok...

(Daily Dot)

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