What You Should Avoid At A Buffet

Buffet restaurants have become less popular over the past few years for obvious reasons. For places still but for the ones that are still around experts have some advice on what to never choose... 

Martin Bucknavage is a senior food safety extension associate at the Penn State Department of Food Science and says, “with salad bars, the one thing I avoid is a salad bar that is not well maintained.” He looks for cold items not being kept cold and hot items not being kept hot. 

Besides the salad bar, he says it’s important to look for food on the buffet that does not look fresh and to only eat at buffets that are tidy, have the utensils in the right place, are policed by service staff, and assure that other customers aren’t getting under the sneeze guard.

Source: EatThis,NotThat!

Photo: Getty Images

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