Phrases That Make You Seem Less Confident At Work

This article spoke to me. I've been guilty of all of them. From apologizing to start a sentence to adding "just" in my verbiage...some things to work on. Any of these hit with you?

Women On Topp put together a list of phrases that make you sound less confident at work:

  1. "Just wanted to follow up on this!" -The word "just" transforms this sentence to make you seem smaller. Instead, just say "following up on this email"
  2. "Oh sorry, let me just say this real quick..." - You're basically giving permission for them to dismiss what you're about to say. Don't apologize for your ideas, instead compliment the other ideas and then add yours.
  3. "Oh no problem, I can take care of that!" - Stop volunteering to do everything. Make sure you set boundaries. Let someone else volunteer. The article also states, if "you are directly being asked to do it, see how you can delegate it elsewhere."
  4. "Does that make sense?" - This phrase makes it sounds like you either don't know what you're talking about or you aren't confident in what you're saying. Instead say "let me know if you have any questions."

Read the FULL explanation on Women on Topp

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