Thomas Rhett Is Overcoming His Fear of Horses

One person's phobia is another's passion. That describes Thomas Rhett's family. He's been afraid of horses his whole life, while his wife Lauren grew up around them, and loves them. 

She takes their kids riding several days a week, so Thomas decided to face his fears. He shared a video of himself the other day walking alongside a horse on a dirt road, and then riding it in a corral, with the help of a trainer.

He wrote, "I've been pretty freaked out by horses most of my life. Not really sure why. Maybe because they know I am a pretty high-strung human being, and they can sense that. Ha-ha.

"Today was the closest I've really been to a horse in my adult years and it was incredible. I plan to be around them a lot more often." 

He also joked that he doesn't know horse lingo, knows he was slouching during the ride, and needs more of a grip on the reigns. 


Getty Images

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