Looking For A November Adventure? 10 Places To Travel To This Month

Happy November! It’s a new month and with that comes new places to travel. “Lifehacker” has shared their list of 10 of the best reasons to travel in November.

  1. Dia de los Muertos, Mexico. This Mexican holiday takes place this year on November 2nd. Traditions include eating special foods, decorating gravesites, and making altars with photos of deceased loved ones.
  2. Guy Fawkes Night, UK. This British holiday celebrated on November 5 includes fireworks, fireworks, and models of Guy Fawkes being burned.
  3. Chang Mai Yi Peng Lantern Festival, Thailand. Happening from November 7-9, it celebrates the end of Buddhist Lent. Thousands of lanterns will be released into the sky.
  4. Iceland Airwaves, Iceland. It’s a music festival that takes place from November 3-5 in Reykjavik and has both local and international acts.
  5. Cavalcade of Lights, Canada. This kicks off Toronto’s holiday season on November 12 and includes a lighting of the city’s Christmas tree.
  6. BaconFest, Pennsylvania. Happening from November 5-6, it celebrates all things bacon.
  7. Niagara Falls’ Winter Festival of Lights, Canada. Three million lights will adorn Niagara Falls from November 12 through February 2023.
  8. Kendal Mountain Festival, UK. Celebrating all things outdoor adventure, this runs from November 18-21.
  9. Lopburi Monkey Buffet Festival, Thailand. Happening November 27 in Thailand, thousands of macaque monkeys go to Lopburi for a big buffet set out for them.
  10. Pushkar Camel Fair, India. From November 1-9 in Pushkar, Rajasthan, it’s one of the largest camel and livestock fairs in the world.


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