Wordle Is Making Some Changes

Get ready, Wordle players, changes are on the way. “The New York Times” has announced they’re making some tweaks to the popular online word game. And they might make figuring out the five-letter words a bit more challenging.

For one, the paper has named Tracy Bennett the new editor of Wordle. The Times also says the game will be shifting away from the preselected words chosen by Josh Wardle, the puzzle’s creator. Now the game will include words chosen by “The New York Times.” Another change will be that answers will never be a plural that ends in “s” or “es.” But players may see plural words like “fungi,” for example, and they can still use any five-letter words to narrow down and eliminate possible answers.

“Wordle’s gameplay will stay the same, and answers will be drawn from the same basic dictionary of answer words, with some editorial adjustments to ensure that the game stays focused on vocabulary that’s fun, accessible, lively and varied,” explains Everdeen Mason, the Times’ editorial director of games.

USA Today

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