7 Ways To Make Your Home Naturally Smell Like Christmas

Want to make your home smell like Christmas? With some easy DIY projects, you can fill every room with the scents of the holiday season. Here are some ways to add clean, natural fragrances with notes of spice, evergreen, and peppermint to your home.

  • Stovetop potpourri - Slowly simmer pine needles, berries, whole cloves and other spices to bring the woodsy smell of a wintery forest to your kitchen.
  • Citrus and spice-scented candles - Sure, you could buy these, but you can also get crafty and make them yourself. You’ll need soy wax chips, essential oils of cinnamon, orange, clove and cardamom, wicks and a bowl to put them in. And you could even give them out for holiday gifts.
  • Cinnamon bird ornaments - You can make these fragrant ornaments that will decorate your Christmas tree while adding the scent of gingerbread and apple.
  • Fragrant fire starters - When you’re getting cozy in front of the fireplace this winter, toss in a muslin bag filled with dried orange slices, sage, lavender and eucalyptus and fill your home with the holiday scent.
  • Greenery wreaths - The best holiday decorations don’t just look beautiful, they smell good, too. Make these wreaths using greenery clippings like bay laurel and rosemary and hang them in a window for natural, long-lasting fragrance.
  • Scented pinecones - Pick up some of the pinecones you find on a walk and treat them with essential oils, then display them in your home for a gentle holiday scent.
  • Citrus garland - Bring the fragrance of oranges to your mantle or stairs with a citrus garland made from fresh bay leaves, real citrus fruits and ribbon.

Martha Stewart

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