Nine-in-10 Drinkers Want a "Dry-ish January"

People have used "Dry January" as a way to feel better about over-indulging in alcohol during the holiday season. The only problem with Dry January is . . . it's not as fun.

So there's a new thing called "DRY-ISH JANUARY."  

A survey found that 86% of drinkers would be more likely to participate in "Dry January" if the focus was more about "drinking in moderation" as opposed to not drinking at all.

On one hand, it makes some sense: Cutting back on alcohol is easier than abstaining altogether. And a single month of not drinking is probably not THAT much better for you than consuming low-to-moderate amounts.

But the problem is "moderation" is so vague that it doesn't force you to make a notable change. It's like saying you're going to go on a DIET-ISH.

Still, 90% of the people in the survey say they're drinking less booze than they have at other points in their lives, to prioritize: Health . . . work productivity . . . parenting . . . and alertness / sleep. 


(PR Newswire)

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