The Best Day to Put Away Your Christmas Decorations Is...Today

I was planning on taking down our decorations today but had no idea TODAY is THE day to do it...

If you still have your holiday decorations up, is it intentional? Or have you just been too busy or lazy to put them away? For me, it's the latter.

Regardless of the reason, there IS a single, perfect day to take your decorations down, and it's TODAY. Or maybe tomorrow?

According to Christian tradition, you should be taking down Christmas trees and decorations on the 12TH NIGHT to avoid bad luck. Not the 12th night of the year, the 12th night after Christmas, which is TODAY.

The "12th Night" celebrates the arrival of the Three Wise Men when they followed the star of Bethlehem to bring gifts to the baby Jesus.

The only problem is that some churches start counting on different days. The Church of England counts from Christmas Day, which means the 12th Night falls on January 5th. Other denominations, like the Catholic Church, start counting from Boxing Day, which means they say the 12th Night is TOMORROW.

In any event, let's just get those decorations put away :)


(The Mirror)

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