9 Date Ideas To Try In The New Year

Dinner and a movie is a go-to date idea. It’s safe. It works. But it can be a bit cliché. If you really want to impress, especially if it’s a first date, try these date ideas instead.

  • Go Bowling. Get competitive and see who can get the highest score! Plus a bowling alley is a fun place to grab some snacks.
  • Attend an art class. You’ll have a souvenir from your date to cherish, too.
  • Go to an escape room. If you’re worried about awkward pauses in convo, trying to figure out an escape room together won’t even give you time for that. Plus you’ll get a lot of laughs out of it and see how well you work together!
  • Go for a walk together. Sure, it’s not the most exciting, but it’ll really let you get to know each other and have a relaxed conversation.
  • Go to a petting zoo. Who doesn’t love petting adorable animals?!
  • Go on a dessert tour. Instead of doing dinner, taste a bunch of different desserts – from the same place or different places.
  • Spend the day at an amusement park. There is so much to do at an amusement park between games, rides, and yummy snacks.
  • Visit an art museum. Spend the day looking at gorgeous works of art together. You’ll really get to know the other person’s tastes!
  • Have a group date. If it’s a first date and you’re super nervous, make it a group date and invite some other couples to help break the ice.

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