10 Things That Have Disappeared Without Anyone Noticing

Are you ever just going about your day when you suddenly realize something you used to use in everyday life is no longer around? A new Reddit thread is here to remind us of some of those things that just stopped existing. It asks, “What quietly went away without anyone noticing?”

People have a lot of thoughts on this one, as 44-thousand replies share the things that disappeared right under our noses. These are some of the best:

  • "Flash mobs."
  • "Travelers checks."
  • "Those red coupon dispensers that used to be inside grocery stores."
  • "Picture-in-Picture TVs."
  • "HQ Trivia."
  • "McDonald's all day breakfast menu."
  • "Altoid sours...those tangerine ones hit different."
  • "Planking."
  • "Public spaces where you have a reasonable expectation that you are not being filmed."
  • "Skype"
  • "CD players in cars"


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