The #1 Dream Job Worldwide

If you asked your seventh grader what their DREAM JOB would be, they probably won't say, "electrophysiologist." They'd probably say YouTuber or a Subway Sandwich Artist.

New research came up with a list of the top "dream jobs" worldwide. They did it by looking into targeted online search results for stuff like "how to be a . . ."

In the end, the top "dream job" was PILOT. Which is interesting, because we've been hearing stories about how airlines have been struggling with pilot shortages since the pandemic.

When broken down by country, "pilot" is #1 in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Papua New Guinea, and Australia.


Here's the Top 20 worldwide.


1. Pilot

2. Writer

3. Dancer

4. YouTuber

5. Entrepreneur

6. Actor

7. Influencer

8. Programmer

9. Singer

10. Teacher . . . It's good to see this on the list, despite the challenges.

11. DJ

12. Blogger

13. Doctor

14. Professor

15. Flight attendant

16. Firefighter

17. Judge

18. Lawyer

19. Attorney . . . Most people use "lawyer" and "attorney" interchangeably . . . even lawyers and attorneys themselves. So you could probably just lump them together and bump them up 10 spots.

20. Psychologist.


In China, the #1 dream job is: Dietician

In South Korea, it's: Police officer

In Egypt, it's: Football coach.  (They mean soccer.)

In Brazil, it's: Businessman

In Mexico, it's: YouTuber



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