8 Super Bowl Prop Bets

As usual, you can bet on just about ANYTHING related to the Super Bowl. Here are some of the craziest novelty "prop bets" you can actually place, and what the best odds are:


1. The length of the national anthem. Will it be over two minutes and five seconds, or under?  OVER is the safer bet, at about 57%.

2. Length of the word "Brave" in the national anthem. Will it be over five seconds or under?  OVER is about 67% likely.

2. Will there be a scoring drive that's shorter than the national anthem? The oddsmakers say YES. It's a little over 64% likely.

3. Will a player record an "octopus"? Do you even know what an octopus is? It's when the same player who scores a touchdown also scores the two-point conversion. Eight points. Get it?

And the answer is NO. It's 93% likely that this WON'T happen.

4. Will both Jason and Travis Kelce score a touchdown? You can win BIG MONEY betting yes on this, because the chances are less than ONE PERCENT.

Jason is the center for the Eagles, so he's not an eligible receiver. He'd basically have to pick up a fumble and run it into the end zone to score a TD.

5. What song will Rihanna sing first in her Halftime show?  "Don't Stop the Music" has the best odds, at 25%.

6. What color eye shadow will Rihanna wear? The odds say Clear or None. . . 71%.

7. What will Eagles QB Jalen Hurts throw first: A touchdown or an interception? If you're a Philly fan, good news: it's 73% likely to be a TD.

8. Which Anheuser-Busch product will get the first commercial? Gotta go with the classic: At 37%, Budweiser has the best odds. Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer is the longshot, at 12.5%.


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