Science Says This Is Why We Love True Crime Shows

True crime is HUGE right now. And there's a scientific reason for that: It helps us keep our heads on a swivel.

There's a guy named Coltan Scrivner, and he's a research scientist at something called the Recreational Fear Lab, at a university in Denmark. 

He says, quote, "We feel like we're more prepared in these kinds of situations. So if this dangerous situation were to occur, you feel a little more prepared and know what you should or shouldn't do."

Luckily, consuming too much true crime content won't turn YOU into a serial killer. Scrivner says, quote, "The research is pretty clear at this point that playing violent video games doesn't make kids more violent.

"I would be fairly sure that the same is true of something like true crime. It might have some psychological effects but it's very unlikely that it would have any effects along those lines." 



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