The Best Day Of The Week To Take A Day Off From Work

You should strongly consider taking tomorrow off of work. 

A professor at the University of Texas who focuses on time and communication found the best day of the week to take off is...WEDNESDAY.

Here's why. We all get into a routine of five days of work, then the two-day weekend. When we take a Wednesday off, we go: Two days of work, day off, two days of work, two days off.

When we break up our rhythm like that, it breaks us out of our routines. You should feel less stressed and overwhelmed at work because you're not staring down yet another five-day week.

You should also feel more excited about your time off because it's such a non-traditional day off...almost like having a snow day as a kid.

Plus, Wednesdays are a good day off because everything you might do is less crowded, from movies to amusement parks to restaurants.  


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