A Woman Hollowed Out a Loaf of Bread to Sneak Wine into a Concert

It's amazing how creative we'll get to avoid paying for overpriced booze: A woman in Australia named Alexandria Funnell is going viral after she posted a video from a Bon Iver concert this month.

She and her friend didn't want to wait in line at the bar and overpay for drinks. So she bought a loaf of sourdough bread, hollowed it out and hid a bottle of WINE in it. 

The venue doesn't let you bring your own alcohol, but does allow food. So she knew security wouldn't bother checking.

Her TikTok video shows her pouring a glass of wine FROM THE BREAD while she and her friend laugh. She told a reporter they'd already spent $200 per ticket and wanted to save a little money.

The bread didn't go to waste, by the way. She says she took it home and made garlic bread after the show. 

(NY Post

Getty Images 

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