Easily Decorate You Home With The 'Rule of Three'

Ready for some spring cleaning and a home refresh? The "Rule of Three" will make it easier!

Whether you're obsessed with HGTV or new to redecorating, the "Rule of Three" means to decorate your home with items in a group of three because it doesn't look cluttered, but also fills a space.

For example, on your bedside table you probably have a lamp on it, so you need two more things, ideally ones that vary in height or texture, to make it look more appealing like a ceramic dish for jewelry or a picture frame

You can even use the "Rule of Three" in other areas around your house, like your coffee table, which can have a stack of coasters, a stack of books and a small plant. Or your walls, where you’d want to hang not one or two pieces of art, but three.

Pretty simple concept but it works.


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