A List of "Non-Obvious" Signs That Someone Is Super Rich

Some people LOVE to show off their wealth, but others are subtle. There's a thread online where people are talking about the "non-obvious" signs that someone is "super rich." They include...


1. Wearing very nice clothing . . . without any brand identification.


2. Casually having expensive hobbies . . . like sailing, skiing, and golfing.


3. "Minimalist" style and décor in their homes.


4. Being very selective in those they choose to be friends with . . . "for various legal reasons."  (???)


5. Teeth . . . you can tell when someone's gone to the dentist or orthodontist multiple times a year their entire lives, and that's expensive.


6. The quality of the food they eat.


7. Spending extensive time . . . even full seasons . . . in another place.


8. Their couches don't touch the wall.



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