You've Got 27 Seconds To Make A Good First Impression

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. But you also only have A FEW SECONDS to make that first impression.

A survey found that the average person makes a first impression in just 27 seconds after meeting someone else. And about one-in-three people usually make first impressions in under 10 seconds.

What can you tell about someone in just a few seconds?

Obviously, you notice their appearance. But some other things people say they notice are: 

*A friendly smile

*Good manners

*Eye contact


*Being conversational

*Dressing well.


If you're interacting with a stranger, a first impression may be your ONLY impression . . . but there are times when it's more impactful, like a job interview, a date, or meeting someone important in a friend or family member's life.

But keep in mind that no one makes a good impression 100% of the time. In the survey, the average person said they think they make a good impression 45% of the time.



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