The "Costal Cowgirl" Trend Is Here For Summer

You’ve heard of the coastal grandma trend, which was everywhere last year. But have you heard of the coastal cowgirl trend? Similar… but different. If you haven’t heard about it yet, you’re about to, as it’s been named the trend for this summer. Coastal cowgirl is the edgier cousin of coastal grandma – think linen but with some Southern twang like cowboy boots, buckle belts, and straw hats.

“As summer is approaching, there’s a merge sort of happening — last year there was the ‘coastal grandma’ going on, and I feel like now we’re having a sprinkle of Western vibes,” fashion content creator and TikToker Kristina Errington explains. “Western styles have been getting more popular. This trend makes it accessible for everybody who wouldn’t necessarily be wearing cowboy boots on a random Tuesday.”

One of the reasons this vibe is all the rage is because of the show “Yellowstone” and its popularity. Another reason is thanks to Beyonce and her blinged hat and silver steed she wore on the cover of her “Renaissance” album.

 NY Post

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