The Top Ten Essential Items to Bring to a Music Festival

Festival season is almost here! Someone posted a list of the top essentials to pack if you're going to a music festival this year. Here are the top ten things you don't want to forget . . .


1. Your tickets or wristband. If you forget those, nothing else matters.


2. A reusable water bottle. Most festivals allow them, but read the fine print.  Many festivals only allow reusable PLASTIC bottles, no metal.


3. Packets of electrolytes to mix in. They can keep you even more hydrated.


4. Sunblock. Especially if you're going in the summer.


5. A mini electric fan. Again, for summer concerts especially.


6. Sunglasses. Don't let the sun ruin your view.


7. A clear backpack. A lot of festivals allow normal bags too, but check first.


8. A portable phone charger. Meaning a battery pack you can use to charge up.


9. Band-Aids. In case you get a blister on your foot from walking around.


10. Tylenol. In case the loud music gives you a headache, or you're achy from being on your feet all day.


(Country Now)

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