Here's a Hack for When You Forget Someone's Name That You Should Know

Every now and then someone will ask something on social media, and get a BRILLIANT response. Or HELPFUL, at least.

Someone recently asked this question: "How do I ask this girl I've known for months if her name is 'Aubrey' or 'Audrey?'"

Maybe you could ask someone else who might know her. or get sneaky and find something with their name on it. But someone provided a great "hack" for when this situation comes up: You forget someone's name, but you SHOULD know it, so you're afraid to ask.

Just out of the blue, ask them "Wait, what's your name again?" When they say, "Um . . . Dave?" You say, "Ha! I know that! I mean your full name." Then, they say, "Oh, haha. Dave Smith." And you can be like, "Right! Sorry, I forgot."

It won't work in EVERY situation . . . like with relatives or a friend's spouse . . . but something like this can be good for saving face AND saving their feelings. 




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