People Who Won A “Lifetime” Supply Of Something Reveal How Long It Lasted

When you’re a kid and you hear a contest prize is a “lifetime supply” of something, you think nothing could be greater than that. But it turns out, the reality of those giveaways is often disappointing. A Reddit post asks users who’ve actually won a “lifetime” supply of something how long it actually lasted and it seems many of the 13-thousand commenters’ prizes didn’t turn out to last a lifetime.

Here’s what the lucky … or not so lucky winners have to say:

  • "Lifetime supply of M&M candies. They sent 52 bags all at once."
  • "I won a 'lifetime' supply of donuts (up to a dozen per day) at a local bakery, and it lasted two years until the original owner died and his a**hole son took over the business."
  • "As a consolation prize for losing on a TV game show, I was given a popcorn popper, a little girl's bicycle, and a lifetime supply of Dinty Moore Beef Stew. I gave the popcorn popper as a Christmas present and sold the bicycle. When the beef stew arrived, it was one case of 12 cans. After trying the first can, I realized that the other 11 would indeed last me a lifetime."
  • "My stepdad won a lifetime supply of WD-40 in the 1990s. They sent him four 16-oz. cans. He died in 2019 — my mom still has two cans."
  • "I won a lifetime of free oil changes for my car. What they did fail to mention is that it was a lifetime of oil changes for the vehicle I had, and I couldn't transfer it to anyone else. Only really lasted me for about two oil changes."
  • "I got a free multi-room DVR and HBO for life from my cable company. Little did I know that any little change, including replacing an eight-year-old broken router, would remove it from my account and make it 'impossible' to add back."
  • "One free movie rental from Blockbuster every week. And well, ya know…"
  • "I had a 'lifetime' gym membership that ended after two years. I thought it meant my lifetime, not theirs."
  • "Won a lifetime supply of mini chocolate milk cartons during a milk day at school. That was in 2007. I’m still getting milk shipped to me lol — my fiancé drinks it because I’ve grown to hate milk."
  • "I won free full body massages for life, which basically just translates to two massages a week. It was really good. I got addicted. When the place closed down, I realized just how expensive massages were. ... I haven't had one in ages, and I miss it so bad."
  • "A friend of mine won a lifetime supply of Nokia phones. So, yeah, just the one 3310."

Source: Reddit

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