70% of People Would Drink More Water If Only...

Do you struggle to drink enough WATER? They say you're supposed to aim for eight glasses a day . . . but you might fall a LITTLE short of that...closer to, like, TWO??

In a new survey, Gen Z'ers say they drink an average of four cups per day, Millennials drink five and both Gen X'ers and Boomers drink six.

So why don't we drink more? 70% of people say they'd drink more water if it TASTED BETTER.  

People were asked what their PREFERRED water flavor would be . . . and blueberry was #1. Lime was second, followed by strawberry, lemon, mango, and raspberry.

That probably explains the appeal of sparkling water and other flavored waters, even if they're not as good for you as pure water.  (Especially if they also have added sugar, which sort of defeats the purpose.)



 Getty Images

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