Mother's Day: Flowers, Food, and What Moms Really Want

Mother's Day is Sunday. Did you get mom a gift yet or are you gonna hit up the candle aisle at CVS again?

1. A bunch of sites put together lists of last-minute gifts you can still get in time, mostly stuff from Amazon.  CNN and Yahoo posted a ton of them.


2. Google looked at the top Mother's Day flower each state has been googling. Carnations are #1, then peonies and hydrangeas. No mention of roses at all.  


3. The top "self-care" gifts we've been googling the past month are: Self-care gift box . . . incense burner . . . meditation candles . . . and "callus healer." 


4. The site "Eat This, Not That" posted a list of restaurant deals. If you want to serve breakfast in bed but you're lazy, Cracker Barrel has an all-day "Brunch at Home" meal with bacon, eggs, pancakes, and other stuff.

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