*LIST* Fast Food Chains Where Prices Have Increased The Most

The fast food drive-thru used to be the place where you could always get a cheap tasty meal in a hurry, even if it wasn’t the most nutritious. But those days are over as paying for your order could easily give you sticker shock now. Fast food has gotten a lot more expensive, but how much more? New research shows us just how much prices have increased.

  • FinanceBuzz crunched the numbers from 2014 and compared them to today’s prices to determine which fast food chains have raised prices the most in the past decade.
  • McDonald’s tops the list with the highest increase in the last 10 years, with menu items going up an average of 100%.
  • That’s three times the national rate of inflation during the same time period.
  • For example, a 10-piece order of Chicken McNuggets that was once $5.99 is now $10.99.
  • But Mickey D’s isn’t alone in their price hikes. Taco Bell, which used to be the place you could buy a meal with loose change found in your car, has raised prices 81%.

How Much Menu Prices Have Gone Up At Fast Food Chains Since 2014

  1. McDonald’s 100%
  2. Popeyes 86%
  3. Taco Bell 81%
  4. Chipotle 75%
  5. Jimmy John’s 62%
  6. Arby’s 55%
  7. Burger King 55%
  8. Chick-fil-A 55%
  9. Wendy’s 55%
  10. Panera 54%

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